Salcis, the essence of ribera del duero

Williams & Humbert presents its unique Ribera del Duero wines: the SALCIS range.

Salcis, made from Tempranillo grapes, captures the very essence of the region: vineyards over 50 years old, craft winemaking, manual grape harvesting and a production process using the modern gravity-flow system in order to conserve and protect the fruit. Tradition and innovation combine to achieve this unique wine of excellent structure, aromas and roundness.


Three generations of absolute endeavor, dedication and commitment

The history of bodega Williams & Humbert dates back over a hundred years through the lives of three different generations all dedicated to winegrowing. The current generation, brother and sister Juan and Paola Medina, are totally dedicated to the winery and a profession which, more than just a job, has become a way of life and one to which they are fully devoted.

Salcis works by a motto that is simple and yet charged with commitment but is none other than loving care and exclusive dedication when it comes to making wine.

These are the values that have led Williams & Humbert, the Jerez winery, to participate in their project, having over a century of experience in winemaking and the common factor that both are a hundred per cent family-owned companies and equally committed in their absolute dedication to the continued innovation of their portfolios.


Grapes that are processed with the maximum care and cultivated from vines with an average age of over 50 years

The vineyard belonging to Salcis is located between the towns of Aranda de Duero, Sta. Cruz de la Salceda and Vadocondes in the denomination of origin Ribera del Duero, a privileged region given its unique combination of soil (clay and limestone), altitude (875 metres) and microclimate; its vintages regularly being catalogued as excellent.

In this privileged setting and following the guidelines set by their oenologist, Paola Medina, Tempranillo grapes are grown from vines that are over 50 years old, producing magnificently complex red wines of maximum expression.

The age of the vines, the high density of plants per hectare (4,500 kg/Ha) and the planting system for this variety, goblet trained, produces a well-balanced vegetative development.

To these factors must be added the proximity of the vineyard to the winery, which means that the manually harvested recently cut grapes arrive at the winery without delay.

As Juan Medina, oenologist of the winery, states: “we take such great care of the grapes that we treat them as if they were table grapes rather than wine grapes”

These conditions of soil, climate, planting and care of the grapes produce a uniquely outstanding wine of excellent aroma and roundness, a wine which is Salcis.

The Winery

Innovative gravity-flow winemaking

Bodega Williams & Humbert, a small winery with vineyards nearby, is a combination of both tradition and modernity.

The closeness of the winery to the vineyard means that the grapes reach the place where they are to be vinified, and wine later produced, in perfect condition. Bodega Miguel Sanz was created and designed in such as way so that tradition and innovation could go hand in hand in the Salcis production process. After the painstaking artisanal reception of the grapes on the sorting table comes the gravity-flow production process. This modern system, employing OVI tanks, makes it possible to eliminate all movements that could stress and cause oxidation, friction or unnecessary increases to the temperature of the grapes. Using this system to move the grapes allows us to maintain all their organoleptic qualities and for all those qualities reflected in Salcis, aged in French and American oak casks, to remain intact


SALCIS, unique & exceptional wines, perfectly balanced, elegants, exquisite aromas, a pleasurable experience

Salcis reflects the essence of a region - Ribera del Duero, and the know-how of a century old winery - Williams & Humbert.

The range of Salcis wines: Roble, Crianza and Reserva, are the fruit of vineyards that are over 50 years old, manual picking and gravity-flow production ensure that all the qualities of the Tempranillo grapes remain intact.

Tradition and innovation produce this unique wine of excellent structure and aromatic intensity.

“If I add to define Salcis I would say that it is a fruity, spicy wine as you would expect from the Tempranillo variety. You can detect a good structure, rounded tannins, silkiness, enveloping you, enveloping your whole mouth. It is well balanced, elegant and with a fantastic colour, lively, inviting you to try it, to taste it. Once you taste it you will by no means be left indifferent”

Paola Medina, oenologist of Williams & Humbert

“Salcis stays true to the DO Ribera Del Duero with its power and intensity, however its softness and fruit forward velvetiness creates an appealing flavor profile that is driving the Spanish category forward.

Specifically, and to that end, Salcis represents, what I consider, to be an important trend in modern Spanish winemaking – a hybrid of traditional and international cuvee styling, therefore a perfect addition to our portfolio.

President /CEO at Seaview Imports LLC

100% Tempranillo, aged for 4 months in oak barrels and then bottled.

APPEARANCE: Intense cherry colour with violet and blue edges.
BOUQUET: Expressive aromas of fresh red berries and a hint of vanilla.
TASTE: Well balanced on the palate, fruity and vibrant, full of flavours.
Pairing Suggestion: Ideal with any kind of meat, pasta, salads or cheese.
Recommended Serving Temperature: 15º-17ºC

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100% Tempranillo, aged for 12 months in oak barrels and then refined in the bottle.

APPEARANCE: Bright ruby red colour, intense and aromatic.
BOUQUET: Initially its distinctive fruity bouquet acts as a reminder of the oak barrels it has been aged in and then enhanced with seductive mineral hints.
TASTE: Elegant and full bodied on the palate with some silky, mouth-embracing tannins.
Pairing Suggestion: Ideal with read meat, stews, poultry and mature cheese.
Recommended Serving Temperature: 17ºC

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100% Tempranillo, aged for 15 months in oak barrels and then refined in the bottle.

APPEARANCE: Intense ruby colour.
BOUQUET:A complex, exquisite aroma of balsamic blackberries and mineral hints.
TASTE:Intense, with vanilla, liquorice and red berries lingering on the palate. Perfectly balanced with sweet and gentle tannins, this wine is elegant with a long delicious finish.
Pairing Suggestion: Ideal with grilled red meat, game, tuna and mature cheese.
Recommended Serving Temperature: 18ºC

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